Membrane Transport: Fundamentals and Applications (Hardcover)
作者: Reza Foudazi 
分類: Hydrology & the hydrosphere ,
Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology ,
Civil engineering, surveying & building ,
Environmental science, engineering & technology  
書城編號: 12246221

售價: $1500.00

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出版社: CRC Press
出版日期: 2021/01/01
ISBN: 9781498727808


Synthetic membranes are widely used for water purification and wastewater treatment. Development of membranes for water treatment has provided a method to produce potable water with much lower energy than thermal distillation. This book will describe the basic principles that govern transport across both natural and synthetic membranes in water treatment. The mass and fluid transport equations will be discussed and utilized to predict the passive transport in biological membranes and performance of dialysis, reverse/forward osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration membranes. Membrane reactors and biorectors will also be examined.

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