Mauro D'Agati : Distrito Federal
作者: Mauro D'Agati 
出版社: Steidl
出版日期: 2017/06
ISBN-10: 3869307226
ISBN-13: 9783869307220
書城編號: 1249368

原價: HK$725.00
現售: HK$688.75 節省: HK$36.25

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In December 2012, Mauro D'Agati escaped the Art Basel event at Miami Beach and headed south. Distrito Federal is the outcome of almost two months spent in Mexico City. The book represents a cross section of life in the pitiless Mexican capital, which has one of the highest police officer to resident ratios in the world. As in his earlier book Napule Shot, D'Agati tells the city's story through a variety of characters and locations--wrestlers, weddings, local bands, coroners and gangs of drugged youngsters, the Colonia Centro on the roofs of the city or the degraded Colonia Juarez Pantitl n with the highest crime rate in the country. Distrito Federal unfolds the blunt but sometimes beautiful picture of a society deadened by drugs, violence and constant fight for survival.

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