2021 Cats on Catnip Wall Calendar (Calendar)
作者: Andrew Marttila 
出版社: Workman Publishing
出版日期: 2020/08
重量: 0.79 kg
ISBN-10: 1523509902
ISBN-13: 9781523509904
書城編號: 12697191

原價: HK$156.00
現售: HK$148.2 節省: HK$7.8

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Cats on Catnip showcases what happens when normally aloof and dignified felines get into the good stuff. It's back! From photographer Andrew Marttila, the laugh-out-loud calendar based on the beloved book and Instagram account that "capture the euphoric expressions of kitties high on catnip--and the results are absolutely hilarious." A wide-eyed Siamese sticking out his pink tongue for more. A blissfully spaced-out orange Persian.

And several cats who just can't help themselves from rolling their entire bodies in the herb. Packed with charming, full-color photographs, this calendar is a delightfully funny gift for any cat lover. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

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2021 Cats on Catnip Wall Calendar (Calendar)
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