Phonics Workbook 2 - Consonants
作者: Doris Young 
出版社: Educational Publishing House Ltd
書城編號: 1299870

售價: $30.00

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出版日期: 2011
ISBN: 9789814229333

Phonics Workbook is a series of three books written for pre-school children. The aim of these books is to teach children to read and spell through symbol sound relationships. The introduction of phonics principles in a logical sequence, along with a consistent does of drills and repetitions will enable children to decode and sound out unfamiliar words. This will enable them to blend each speech sound together to make familiar words. Through the fun and interesting activities such as colouring, matching, crossword puzzle and word search, children will not only enjoy working through these activities, but also master the most important skill which is to decode and read words.

- Initial Consonant Bb
- Initial Consonant Cc
- Initial Consonant Dd
- Initial Consonant Ff
- Initial Consonant Gg
- Initial Consonant Hh
- Initial Consonant Jj
- Initial Consonant Kk
- Initial Consonant Ll
- Initial Consonant Mm
, etc.

Phonics Workbook 1 - Vowels

Doris Young 作者作品表

Phonics Workbook 1 - Vowels
Phonics Workbook 2 - Consonants
Phonics Workbook 3 - Blends

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