Peanuts Baby Book (Hardcover)
作者: Charles M. Schulz 
出版社: Perseus-Avalon Travel Publishi
出版日期: 2018/01/09
尺寸: 210x150x22mm
重量: 0.54 kg
ISBN-10: 0762491485
ISBN-13: 9780762491483
書城編號: 1337707

原價: HK$130.00
現售: HK$123.5 節省: HK$6.5

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A timeless keepsake for Baby and parents, the Peanuts Baby Book is the perfect way to record all of life's big firsts -- from pregnancy through the child's fifth birthday -- with the help of Charles M. Schulz's beloved Peanuts characters.

More than just a journal for Mom and Dad, the padded cover, bright design, and friendly art of the Peanuts Baby Book guarantee that it will appeal equally to Baby, making it a true memento for generations. Incorporating the cheerful art and classic look of the Peanuts gang, this book offers simple guided prompts for busy parents, alongside pages to fill with important dates and events, treasured photographs, and even Baby's hand and foot prints. With the help of beloved characters, from Charlie Brown and Snoopy to Linus and Lucy, parents will find space to record pregnancy and baby preparations, monthly updates on their child's first year, and summary pages for years two through five. A secure back pocket, decorated with charming Peanuts art, offers a place to store precious reminders of a child's early years.

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