Out! (Hardcover)
作者: Arree Chung 
出版日期: 2017/06/06
尺寸: 288x223x10mm
重量: 0.41 kg
ISBN-10: 1627795537
ISBN-13: 9781627795531
書城編號: 1369613

原價: HK$180.00
現售: HK$171 節省: HK$9

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After a long day, everyone is ready to settle down--except the baby. When Jo Jo, the family dog, checks on him, she discovers this baby wants OUT.

Escaping his crib, he sets off on a nighttime romp, leaving a trail of domestic destruction in his wake. It's up to Jo Jo to keep the baby safe--but what happens when things start to get a little OUT of control?

This hilarious tale of friendship and mayhem from author and illustrator Arree Chung will resonate with children, parents, and dog-lovers everywhere.

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