Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.../Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas, Pies... (hardcover)
作者: Annie Kubler 
出版社: Child's Play International
書城編號: 1402121

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出版日期: 2009/07/01
重量: 0.14 kg
ISBN: 9781846433115

This award winning series, specifically designed for babies, is now available in a smaller format, perfect for little hands. A great introduction to books through well-known nursery rhymes and interactive text. Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your baby and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech. Combining these with actions also stimulates the brain and helps muscle development. Dual Language English/Spanish to aid bilingual learners. Please note: The Spanish translation of this rhyme is not a literal translation of the English text. It is based on the well-known song Spanish version, and uses the word "piernas" instead of "rodillas".

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