Llama Llama Loves to Read (hardcover)
作者: Anna Dewdney 
出版社: Viking Books for Young Readers
書城編號: 1402128

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出版日期: 2018/05/01
重量: 0.52 kg
ISBN-10: 0670013978
ISBN-13: 9780670013975

Anna Dewdney's Bestselling Llama Llama series continues with Llama learning to read

Llama Llama learns at school.
Counting, writing, reading, rules.
Friends and school -- there's nothing better.
Llama learning all the letters

Anna Dewdney's beloved Llama Llama is growing up and learning to read Throughout the school day, the teacher helps Llama Llama and the other children practice their letters, shows word cards, reads stories, and brings them to the library where they can all choose a favorite book. By the end of the day, Llama Llama is recognizing words and can't wait to show Mama Llama that he's becoming a reader

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