Gordon Parks: The New Tide: Early Work 1940–1950
作者: Gordon Parks 
出版社: Steidl
出版日期: 2018/10/11
ISBN-10: 3958294944
ISBN-13: 9783958294943
書城編號: 1436626

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The emergence of a social conscience in rarely seen images from Parks' formative years

Focusing on new research and access to forgotten pictures, The New Tide, Early Work 1940-1950 documents the importance of these years in shaping Gordon Parks' passionate vision. The book brings together photographs and publications made during the first and most formative decade of his 65-year career.

During the 1940s Parks' photographic ambitions grew to express a profound understanding of his cultural and political experiences. From the first photographs he published in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and his relationship to the Chicago Black Renaissance, to his mentorship with Roy Stryker and his breakthrough work for America's influential picture magazines--including Ebony and Life--this book traces Parks' rapid evolution from an accomplished, self-taught practitioner to a groundbreaking artistic and journalistic voice.

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