Back to the Basics: A Nurse's Pocket Guide to Self-Care (paperback)
作者: Elizabeth Scala 
出版社: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
書城編號: 1439080

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出版日期: 2012/02/27
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ISBN: 9781470030810

Nurses have little time... so little, in fact, that they often have no time to spend on self-care. In Back to the Basics: A Nurse's Pocket Guide to Self-Care, Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, shares with us quick tips and easy-to-use tools for the busy nurse Elizabeth brings us back to the basics of nursing; reminding us why taking care of ourselves, as the people taking care of patients, is so imperative to do. Often, nurses find themselves stressed, burnt out, and ill. Why? Because they do not spend the time, or just do not have any time of their own, on their own health and well-being. The nurse is often so busy caring, giving, and nurturing another person that their own health and well-being goes out the window. Elizabeth invites the busy nurse to slow down, listen to themselves, and figure out what is important, what is desired, and what gives life meaning. Through her 12 Steps to Self-Care, and this quick, easy-to-read guide book, Elizabeth shares valuable nuggets of information, wisdom, and advice from her own healing, learning, and growth experience. It is a short, but necessary tool-kit that will fit into any scrub pocket

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