Indestructibles: Hello, Farm! (Paperback)
作者: Amy Pixton 
分類: Early learning: colours  
書城編號: 1493489

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出版日期: 2018/09/18
尺寸: 88x88x2mm
重量: 0.02 kg
ISBN: 9781523504671

Say hello to farm animals in a book that's indestructible

Who munches the grass? Hungry cows
Who rolls in the mud? Playful pigs
Who greets the day? Crowing roosters

Indestructiblesis the trusted series for easing little ones into story time. Beloved by babies and their parents, Indestructibles are built for the way babies "read" (i.e., with their hands and mouths) and are:
  • Rip Proof--made of ultra-durable tight-woven material
  • Waterproof--can be chewed on, drooled on, and washed
  • Emergent Literacy Tool--bright pictures and few or no words encourage dialogic reading
  • Portable--lightweight books can go anywhere, perfect for the diaper bag and for travel
  • Safe for Baby--meets ASTM safety standards

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