Alfie at Nursery School (Paperback)
作者: Shirley Hughes 
分類: Pre-school & kindergarten ,
Primary & middle schools ,
Picture books ,
School stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
For children c 0-2 years  
書城編號: 1503812

原價: HK$98.00
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出版日期: 2018/08/23
尺寸: 252x250x4mm
重量: 196 grams
ISBN: 9781782957669

Alfie loves Nursery School - and so does Annie Rose! She can't wait to go with him - in fact she's so desperate to join in that she gets Alfie into a very sticky situation in this collection of nursery school tales.

Join Alfie as he navigates playground games and special concerts in this beautifully illustrated story. Perfect for preparing children for their first day at nursery, Alfie at Nursery School is a simple story packed with warmth and heart.

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