Growing Strong in God's Family (paperback)
作者: The Navigators 
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出版社: Navpress Publishing Group
出版日期: 2019/09/03
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ISBN: 9781615216390

Over 500,000 Sold in Series!
Prepare your heart for God's Word to take root and bear fruit in your life. Guided Bible studies will help you personally and actively engage with Scripture. Develop tried-and-true ways to get the most from your Bible reading, and learn to hear God's voice as you track the significant passages that speak to your heart. Dig deep and discover the strength of God's Word for you.

What is The 2:7 Series?
The 2:7 Series is discipleship training with a proven track record. Each installment leads participants through the fundamentals of discipleship to strengthen your walk with God.
  • Book 1: Growing Strong in God's Family
  • Book 2: Deepening Your Roots in God's Family
  • Book 3: Bearing Fruit in God's Family
Biblically rooted and practically focused, the 2:7 Series develops disciples who experience long-term, life-changing results.
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