Pete the Cat Storybook Favorites: Includes 7 Stories Plus Stickers! (Hardcover)
作者: James Dean 
書城編號: 1555236

原價: HK$140.00
現售: HK$133 節省: HK$7

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出版社: Harper Collins World
出版日期: 2019/05/07
尺寸: 198x128x21mm
重量: 0.8 kg
ISBN: 9780062894847


A great value--seven of the grooviest Pete the Cat stories PLUS a detachable sheet of stickers

Whether he's building a robot, sharing a giant sandwich, or learning to surf, Pete is always ready to make a good day great

With seven great stories in a vibrant and durable paper-over-board format, Pete the Cat Storybook Favorites is perfect for young fans of the most awesome cat around--Pete. Plus this collection includes a set of groovy stickers

This collection includes:

  • Play Ball
  • Construction Destruction
  • Pete's Big Lunch
  • Cavecat Pete
  • Pete at the Beach
  • Robo-Pete
  • Too Cool for School
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