Stochastic Global Optimization Methods and Applications to Chemical, Biochemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Processes (paperback)
作者: Ch Venkateswarlu 
出版社: Elsevier
書城編號: 1594213

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出版日期: 2019/11/29
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ISBN-10: 0128173920
ISBN-13: 9780128173923
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Stochastic global optimization methods and applications to chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental processes presents various algorithms that include the genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, differential evolution, ant colony optimization, tabu search, particle swarm optimization, artificial bee colony optimization, and cuckoo search algorithm. The design and analysis of these algorithms is studied by applying them to solve various base case and complex optimization problems concerning chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental engineering processes.

Design and implementation of various classical and advanced optimization strategies to solve a wide variety of optimization problems makes this book beneficial to graduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers working in multiple domains. This book mainly focuses on stochastic, evolutionary, and artificial intelligence optimization algorithms with a special emphasis on their design, analysis, and implementation to solve complex optimization problems and includes a number of real applications concerning chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental engineering processes.

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