Forsaken Man (Hardcover)
作者: Pete Jenkins 
書城編號: 1598562

售價: $189.00

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出版日期: 2019/12/31
尺寸: 186x123x17mm
重量: 313 grams
ISBN: 9780719830594

Jim Sandford has been elected sheriff of Caldwell by a landslide victory. Riding on a wave of popularity, it looks like Jim can do no wrong, even securing the attention of the prettiest woman in town. However, she has another admirer who isn't happy about the liaison and sets about to sabotage things for Jim. Then Jim receives information that Wade Baxter is heading to Caldwell to settle an old score with the townsfolk who years ago set him up for a crime he didn't commit. Believing he has the backing of the menfolk, Jim confidently waits for his arrival. However, a series of events leads to the men of Caldwell abandoning their new sheriff one by one until Jim is forced to face Wade Baxter and his gang alone.

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Forsaken Man (Hardcover)
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