Secured Finance Law in China and Hong Kong (Paperback)
作者: Mark Williams 
出版社: Cambridge University Press

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出版日期: 2019/08/08
尺寸: 210x150x22mm
重量: 381 grams
ISBN-10: 1108738400
ISBN-13: 9781108738408
書城編號: 1600939
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This book examines systematically the current systems of secured lending in China and Hong Kong, where companies or individuals offer personal property as security for credit advanced by a lender. Valid and enforceable security reduces the risk to the lender and so lowers the cost of credit to the borrower. However, the Hong Kong system, being largely derived from English law, is highly complex and in need of root-and-branch reform. The forces of inaction have triumphed and valuable opportunities to create a modern, rational and efficient system have been squandered. In China, on the other hand, a completely new system has been created in the last twenty years which, whilst it has various problems and defects, has some notable advantages over the common law equivalent found in Hong Kong.

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