Unfuck Your Intimacy Workbook (Paperback)
作者: Faith G. Harper 
出版社: Microcosm Publishing
出版日期: 2019/10/08
尺寸: 141x216x9mm
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ISBN-10: 1621068897
ISBN-13: 9781621068891
書城編號: 1609804

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Let this handy workbook guide you on your quest for healthier relationships and more excellent sex. These exercises can also stand alone. Includes a ton of good stuff, like body maps, communication templates, boundary-setting exercises, a sexual history questionnaire like the ones therapists use, and of course help with understanding and coping with anything upsetting that might come up. Almost all the exercises can absolutely be done with a partner, but the focus is on getting to know your body, your desires, and your needs, to explore on your own or together.

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