How to Draw (Paperback)
作者: Aaria Baid 
書城編號: 1654141

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出版社: Rockridge Press
出版日期: 2019/07/09
尺寸: 289x193x13mm
重量: 0.57 kg
ISBN: 9781641521819

Spark creativity with this friendly how-to-draw book for kids ages 9 to 12

Anyone can create a work of art with a little bit of guidance--and some imagination! This kid-friendly drawing book walks young artists through the first steps of learning to draw, teaching them to capture the world around them with just a pencil and paper. Kids will try awesome art projects ranging from magical creatures and cartoons to realistic landscapes, portraits, and more--learning essential artistic techniques as they go.

Get kids drawing with:

  • The basics of art--Discover how to shade dark and light, use perspective, create 3D shapes, balance proportion and scale, and more.

  • Easy-to-follow steps--This guide to drawing for kids lets them follow along from start to finish with simple instructions and illustrations that explain each activity.

  • A variety of projects--Get creative with any kids' drawing supplies you have on hand and a variety of projects - including hand lettering, animals, optical illusions, and cartooning.

  • An artistic gift--This learn-to-draw book makes an amazing gift for any boy or girl who loves to play and create!

Become a curious and confident artist with this step-by-step drawing book for kids.

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