Beatles And Beyond (Paperback)
作者: Don Short 
出版社: Wymer Publishing
出版日期: 2020/03/20
尺寸: 216x138x14mm
重量: 350 grams
ISBN-10: 1912782340
ISBN-13: 9781912782345
書城編號: 1661030

售價: $195.00

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Don Short's autobiography is a treasure trove of revealing untold stories and sensations from a showbusiness journalist who became enmeshed in the golden age of entertainment. He was credited with coining the 'Beatlemania' tag. He had the scoop of a lifetime with his world exclusive - "Paul Quits The Beatles." This book tells of his travels around the world with The Beatles. It also talks about Don's ominous task of healing a rift between John Lennon and his seafaring father Freddie, who he had not seen for 17 years. Don Short also monitored the rise to fame of the Rolling Stones and acted as a bodyguard for Mick Jagger at his wedding to Bianca. He went on to become a confidante of many of Hollywood's greatest stars. He was at Elizabeth Taylor's bedside as she recovered from a life-threatening illness; he helped Roger Moore to obtain a tricky divorce; he persuaded Elvis Presley to explain his nine-year absence from the stage; he managed hellraiser Richard Harris as a challenge in New Orleans; dined with Muhammad Ali in his snowbound Chicago home and caught up with Louis Armstrong in San Remo as he prepared to premiere his international hit 'What A Wonderful World.'

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