Confidence in Christ (Paperback)
作者: Mike Bradfield 
出版社: Thomas Nelson

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出版日期: 2020/06/25
尺寸: 198x128x21mm
重量: 270 grams
ISBN-10: 1973626810
ISBN-13: 9781973626817
書城編號: 1662167

Has science proven that the Bible is an archaic artifact and that Darwin revealed the origin of life? Not so. In fact, recent developments in a wide range of sciences such as physics, astronomy, archaeology, and human genome DNA studies continue to reveal that what the Bible has been saying all along-and all alone-is exactly correct. As scientific discoveries have been exploding over the last several decades, the evidence supporting the Bible and the Christian faith is exploding right in step with these new findings. The closer science draws to the ultimate truth, the closer it draws to the Bible and to revealing just how correct the Bible is concerning the origin of the universe, life, and the historicity of Jesus Christ. In Confidence in Christ, author and engineer Mike Bradfield starts at the beginning of time and proceeds chronologically, pointing out exciting scientific evidence to support the Christian faith. The easy-to-understand format addresses a number of questions: - How did the universe begin? - Does the big bang theory eliminate God? - Did God really create the entire universe in six literal days? - How did life begin? - How do dinosaurs fit in the biblical timescale? - Did we evolve from apes, and what are human genome studies revealing? - Is humankind millions or thousands of years old? - Is there credible evidence outside the Bible for Jesus? - Is Jesus really the prophesied Christ? The eye-opening evidence in Confidence in Christ should cause you to pause, rethink, and reaffirm your views of the validity of the Christian faith.

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