Math Girls Talk about Integers (paperback)
作者: Hiroshi Yuki 
出版社: Bento Books, Inc.
書城編號: 1676859

售價: $190.00

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出版日期: 2014/09/16
重量: 0.3 kg
ISBN: 9781939326232

Math Girls Talk About Integers introduces students to a variety of fun and informative topics in discrete math, including curious features of the prime numbers, tricks for checking for multiples of 3 and 9 (and why those tricks work!), using division remainders to solve some unusual problems, and an in-depth look at proof by mathematical induction.

These topics are introduced through conversations between the characters from Math Girls, offering a fun way to learn this serious content. Each chapter comes with review problems and answers, and an appendix gives more challenging, open-ended problems for readers wanting to push the limits of their understanding.

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