Investigators: Off the Hook (Hardcover)
作者: John Patrick Green 
出版社: First Second
書城編號: 17720703

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出版日期: 2021/02/23
重量: 0.48 kg
ISBN: 9781250220004


InvestiGators Mango and Brash don their fanciest vests for InvestiGators: Off the Hook, the next mystery in the hilarious adventure series from John Patrick Green

Sewer-loving secret agents Mango and Brash fight for the GATOR good in this zany adventure that will have readers HOOKED

The InvestiGators are the best crime-fighting duo in the world. But not even their hi-tech training programs can prepare them for the return of their greatest nemesis, Crackerdile, in a shocking new form Even worse, he's creating a team of super villains Faced with the choice between saving themselves or catching the crooks, can Mango and Brash make sure the gator good prevails?

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