The Philosophy of Beer (Hardcover)
作者: Jane Peyton 
分類: Social & cultural history ,
書城編號: 18420370

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出版社: British Lib
出版日期: 2021/07/01
ISBN: 9780712353472

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a lager and an ale? Or marveled at how, with only four basic ingredients, there are around 150 different styles of beer? In The Philosophy of Beer, Jane Peyton, the UK's first Beer Sommelier of the Year, distills practical advice from the incredible history of this beverage, spanning the earliest evidence of beer 13,000 years ago, its central role in monasteries and on naval ships, its significance in the discovery of cholera, and its enduring popularity today. This fascinating insight into beer's rich history will teach you how to taste like a professional, how best to match beer with food, and even how to brew it yourself Quench your thirst for knowledge with everything you need to know to be a mastermind of beer
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