Little Library Christmas (paperback)
作者: Kate Young 
出版社: Head Of Zeus
分類: General cookery & recipes ,
Cooking for parties ,
書城編號: 18672431

原價: HK$210.00
現售: HK$199.5 節省: HK$10.5

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出版日期: 2020/10
ISBN: 9781838937461
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A festive cookbook from award-winning food writer Kate Young. The perfect Christmas gift for cooks and bibliophiles alike. The Little Library Christmas is a collection of 50 festive recipes from Kate Young, the Little Library cook, including 20 favourites and 30 brand new creations.

From edible gifts and cocktail party catering, to the big day itself and ideas for your leftovers, this book will guide you through the Christmas period with meals, treats, tipples and - of course - plenty of reading recommendations. With beautiful photographs throughout and in a gorgeous, giftable format, this is the perfect book to put under your tree this Christmas.

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