Merry Christmas Baked Potato (paperback)
作者: Matt Lucas 
出版社: Egmont Publishing
出版日期: 2020/10
ISBN-10: 0755501802
ISBN-13: 9780755501809
書城編號: 18848255

原價: HK$91.00
現售: HK$86.45 節省: HK$4.55

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The brand-new and brilliantly funny Christmas picture book from multi-award-winning actor and comedian MATT LUCAS - star of The Great British Bake Off and creator of Thank You, Baked Potato, an official UK download chart-topper and Amazon bestseller

If you look high up in the sky
(I'm talking higher than a parrot)
You'll see a root veg flying by
(and no, I do not mean a carrot) ...

Join Santa Baked Potato as he makes Christmas wishes come true (and delivers plenty of presents ) in this fun-filled, festive follow-up to the chart-topping Thank You, Baked Potato.

Accompanied by a spud-tacular Christmas song, composed and performed by Matt

* With fabulous festive foil on the cover *

'Entertaining and educational' - Independent on Thank You, Baked Potato

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