Journalism and Emotion (Paperback)
作者: Stephen Jukes 
出版社: Sage Publications Ltd

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出版日期: 2020/07/11
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ISBN-10: 1526497972
ISBN-13: 9781526497970
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The age of detachment is over.

Interactive, interconnected and participatory, journalism today is a constant live-stream of outrage, terror, polarised politics and fake news. With our news landscape dominated by emotionally charged material, Stephen Jukes investigates emotionality's impact on the practice of journalism and the journalists themselves.

Adopting a psychosocial approach and including interviews with top journalists, this book combines theory and practice to explore:

- the history of emotive journalism

- social media's use of emotion to engage audiences

- emotion′s impact on how journalists work

- how journalists deal with their own emotions when they are covering difficult stories

Navigating the complex relationship between Journalism and Emotion through the exploration of key concepts, in-depth interviews with influential journalists and analysis of traumatic news stories, this book is a must-read for academics and social science students alike.

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Journalism and Emotion (Paperback)
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