Countryside Contemplations: Reflections on Our Wild Wonders (Hardcover)
書城編號: 1896135

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出版社: Trigger Press
出版日期: 2020/08/01
尺寸: 160x120x21mm
重量: 227 grams
ISBN: 9781789561883


'In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.' - Margaret Atwood.

Through evocative passages and quotes inspired by the countryside, this stunningly packaged book offers a rare opportunity to slow down, step back and receive the natural restorative power of nature. The contemplative words will transport you to a space of quiet reflection as you simply sit... and be.

'Soon will the high Midsummer prompts come in Soon will the musk carnations break and swell Soon shall we have gold-dusted snapdragon Sweet-William with his homely cottage-smell And stocks in fragrant blow Roses that down the alleys shine afar And open, jasmine-muffled lattices' ...- Mathew Arnold, 'Thyrisis: A Monody to Commemorate the Author's Friend, Arthur Hugh Clough.

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