Muse: A Visual Biography (Paperback)
作者: Laura Shenton 
出版社: Wymer Publishing
出版日期: 2020/09
ISBN-10: 1912782359
ISBN-13: 9781912782352
書城編號: 19208132

原價: HK$390.00
現售: HK$370.5 節省: HK$19.5

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From humble beginnings in Teignmouth, Devon on England's South West Coast, since the band's inception around twenty-five years ago Muse has grown into one of the biggest bands in the world. Since the release of debut album Showbiz in 1999, Muse has gone on to mega status, selling out stadiums around the globe. From a band that was helped in the nineties with a GBP150 grant from the Prince's Trust, they have escalated into leading torch bearers for twenty-first century rock music.

Never shy to acknowledge influences from the past, Muse has also created its own unique style from blending numerous music genres into their own defining image. Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard have remained together through thick and thin; time and time again producing huge selling albums and sold out concert tours. This Visual Biography is a wonderful keep-sake souvenir portraying the band's rise to superstardom, right up to 2019's Simulation Theory tour.

The largely, previously unpublished photos are complimented with a 15,000 word band history by music author Laura Shenton.

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