Musicals : The Definitive Illustrated Story (Hardback)
作者: DK 
出版社: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
出版日期: 2021/02
ISBN-10: 0241437539
ISBN-13: 9780241437537
書城編號: 19208144

原價: HK$325.00
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Come along backstage and peek inside the spectacular and sometimes scandalous world of musical theatre. See the world's most-loved musical productions come to life in this lavishly illustrated book!This show-stopping reference book includes:- A chronological structure that makes the book work as a history of musicals- Includes a 20-page reference section with key details on over 100 additional musicals- Neat timelines summarise the plot, characters, and songs for 20 top musicalsFrom The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music to Mamma Mia and Les Miserables, fall in love all over again with the songs, stories, characters, creators, and legendary stars from every era of musical theatre. Take a journey through the years and immerse yourself in the behind-the-scenes world of musical theatre! From the dance halls and vaudeville to the silver screen and sensational Broadway shows, this go-to musical guide has all the glitter and glamour of the West End.

It's Showtime! Delve into profiles of successful creators such as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Packed with profiles of musical icons and fun infographics that summarise the plot, characters and songs, Musicals: The Definitive Visual Guide is the perfect way to embrace your inner "theatre geek". With a foreword by Elaine Paige, this updated edition gives greater coverage on the smash-hit Hamilton and includes mention of new and popular stage and movie musicals.

It's a must-have or the ultimate gift for musical theatre fans. Complete the Series:If you enjoyed this illustrated celebration of musicals, look out for more titles in this series from DK. Uncover the most mesmerising moments in ballet history in Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story.

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