Wild Edible Plants of Oklahoma (Paperback)
作者: Charles W. Kane 
出版社: Lincoln Town Pr
書城編號: 19981982

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出版日期: 2021/08/01
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A state of botanical dynamism, Oklahoma's wild edible plant life is rich and varied. This diversity is linked to a number of environmental elements, of which geography and climate are the main players. Consequently, the state sits within two extremes, the arid mesas of the west and temperate forests of the east. Sandwiched between the two, are the central grasslands, an unassuming but important vegetation zone.

Compiling the most useful wild edibles the state has to offer, this publication is a good fit for the prepper or outdoor enthusiast in search of a to-the-point introduction to the field. Visually-appealing and light-weight (booklet format), consider Wild Edible Plants of Oklahoma a kind of CliffNotes: no fluff, just the facts.

A discussion of each plant's edible use and preparation is the publication's primary aim, though space is also given to range and habitat, medicinal uses, cautions, and noteworthy special considerations. Helpful additions include sustenance ratings (low, medium, or high), collection timing and desired plant-part indicators, county-by-county map-image, over 160 color photos, and a general index.

Plant List: Amaranth, Arrowhead, Beautyberry, Beefsteak Plant, Black Cherry, Black Nightshade, Black Walnut, Blackberry, Blackhaw, Blackseed Plantain, Bumelia, Cattail, Chickweed, Creeping Cucumber, Currant, Dayflower, Devil's Claw, Dewberry, Elder, Farkleberry, Greenbrier, Ground Cherry, Hickory, Hackberry, Kudzu, Lambsquarters, Lemonade Berry, Lotus, Mesquite, Mulberry, Mullein, Nettle, Oak, Passionflower, Pawpaw, Pecan, Peppergrass, Persimmon, Pokeweed, Prickly Pear, Redbud, Salsify, Sorrel, Sow Thistle, Spiderwort, Spring Beauty, Sugarberry, Thistle, Tule, Wild Gourd, Wild Grape, Wild Mustard, Wild Onion, Wild Plum, Winecup, Yellow Nutsedge, Yellowdock, Yucca.

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Wild Edible Plants of Oklahoma (Paperback)

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