eBook: Secret Britain: Unearthing our Mysterious Past (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Mary-Ann Ochota 
製造商: Frances Lincoln
分類: British & Irish history , Archaeology by period / region , Museum, historic sites, gallery & art guides , United Kingdom, Great Britain  
出版日期: 2020/09/29
頁數: 240
ISBN-10: 0711253471
ISBN-13: 9780711253476
書城編號: 20490280
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A cornucopia of our weirdest and most wonderful archaeological sites and artefacts. They make you feel proud to be a citizen of these gloriously intriguing isles.Sir Tony RobinsonAn Ice Age cannibal's skull cup, a hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold, a seventeenth century witch bottle anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota unearths more than 70 of Britains most intriguing ancient places and artefacts and explores the mysteries behind them. Britain is full of ancient wonders: not grand like the Egyptian pyramids, but small, strange places and objects that hint at a deep and enduring relationship with the mystic. Secret Britain offers an expertly guided tour of Britain's most fascinating mysteries: archaeological sites and artefacts that take us deep into the lives of the many different peoples who have inhabited the island over the millennia. Illustrated with beautiful photographs, the wonders include buried treasure, stone circles and geoglyphs, outdoor places of worship, caves filled with medieval carvings, and enigmatic tools to divine the future. Explore famous sites such as Stonehenge and Glastonbury, but also discover: The Lindow Man bog body, showing neatly trimmed hair and manicured fingernails despite having been killed 2,000 years agoThe Uffington White Horse, a horse-shaped geoglyph maintained by an unbroken chain of people for 3,000 yearsA roman baby's bronze cockerel, an underworld companion for a two-year-old who died sometime between AD 100200St Leonard's Ossuary, home to 1,200 skulls and a vast stack of human bones made up of around 2,000 people who died from the 1200s to the 1500sThe Wenhaston Doom painting, an extraordinary medieval depiction of the Last Judgement painted on a chancel arch Explore Britain's secret history and discover why these places still resonate today.

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