eBook: Adoption Experience: Families Who Give Children a Second Chance (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Ann Morris 
分類: Sociology: family & relationships ,
Child welfare ,
Adoption & fostering  
書城編號: 20592976

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製造商: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
出版日期: 1999/06/01
頁數: 224
ISBN: 9780857001160
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This is a book of real life stories of adopters which takes the reader through every stage of the adoption process starting with the moment when they decide that adoption is the right option for them to the stories of adoptees brought up by adoptive parents.In between, the book looks at all the different types of adoption that are carried out by all sorts of families from all sorts of children of every race and age and with every kind of problem. They range from babies who are only days old when they are taken into an adoptive family to teenagers with a multitude of psychological and physical problems. The book looks at both the success and failure of these adoptions.Its aim is to inform and enlighten professionals, adopters, potential adopters and all those whose lives have in some way been touched by adoption or want to know more about it.In 15 chapters it includes more than 70 real life stories which are all told from the heart sometimes in a moment of crisis and sometimes at a time of joy. They are not analysed, they are true stories about how it feels to be at the centre of adoption. All the stories, which have been recounted over the past 10 years, are reflective of adoption today in Britain.The book also includes a chapter on the legal aspects of adoption and a further chapter of useful information and addresses.
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eBook: Adoption Experience: Families Who Give Children a Second Chance (DRM EPUB)

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