eBook: Beavers of Popple's Pond (DRM PDF)
電子書格式: DRM PDF
作者: Patti Smith 
製造商: Green Writers Press
分類: Science: general issues  
出版日期: 2014/03/20
ISBN-10: 0989310450
ISBN-13: 9780989310451
書城編號: 20620068

售價: $125.00

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Tucked away in a remote stream valley in Vermont, a dynasty of beavers has nearly completed the restoration of the meadows and ponds that adorned this stream in the days before the beavers of a continent were turned into top hats. Willow, Popple, and their progeny begin the night's work of dam repair, scent marking, tree felling until a soft call alerts them to the arrival of the strange honorary member of their clan, this book's author, Patti Smith. They scramble ashore and poke eagerly about her feet as she prepares to picnic and to record the events that transpire on the shores of Popple's Pond. Through the seasons, and through the years, these records-transformed into interwoven vignettes-invite the reader to enter the world of the beavers and the other inhabitants of the wetlands. Meet Terrible Jack the lonely moose, Henri the civilized goose, and the myriad small creatures that populate the night forest. The author, a native of this landscape, brings a naturalist's eye and a compassionate voice to these stories. After three years with the beavers, readers are invited to accompany the author to other worlds where different characters await. Keep this book wherever you have a moment for a short adventure- to follow the trail of a bear cub through the moonlight, enter the low-roofed world of the snowshoe hare, or to stand in the midst of a melee of migrating amphibians. These stories offer respite to those wearied by the barrage of bad news, and a chance to reconnect with the nature that perseveres around us.

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