eBook: Canopy (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Patricia Clark 
製造商: Terrapin Books
書城編號: 20625708

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出版日期: 2017/01/02
頁數: 94
ISBN: 9780997666663

How do we move forward after enormous loss? Perhaps like the lightning-struck tree, ';half of it shorn of leaves the other half full, standing, / swaying.' In these beautiful, intimate poems spoken from the heart of grief, the speaker urges herself not to flinch, ';letting the knife settle where it will, / blade nestled between a rib and a rib.' Life and death go hand and hand here, and the natural world that consoles is also a constant reminder of our own mortality. Because Clark is a terrific poet, she can also make something true and moving ';out of cold airwith lamenting wordsan invigorating, heel-kicking tune.' Sharon Bryan, Sharp Stars

Patricia Clark 作者作品表

eBook: Canopy (DRM EPUB)
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