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作者: Richard Templar 
製造商: Pearson Education
分類: Popular psychology  
書城編號: 20847273

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出版日期: 2015/11/04
ISBN-10: 129208815X
ISBN-13: 9781292088150
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 A personal code for living your life your way.   From a very young age you've been inundated with other people's well-intended rules. Whether from teachers, friends or parents, these helpful principles and bits of gracious advice are supposed to help you get on in life. The trouble is, many of these rules aren't true (at least not all the time) and yet they have a major influence on your life whether you realise it or not.   How do you sort the gold dust from the sawdust?   In The Rules to Break, international bestselling author Richard Templar exposes the most common phoney rules, explains what's wrong with them and then offers a refreshing alternative and a new way of thinking. Above all, he'll help you master the ability to truly think for yourself, so than you can follow a path that you've chosen, rather than blindly following someone else's.   It's your life. Why not live it your way?

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