Reef Fishes of Hong Kong (hardcover)
作者: Yvonne Sadovy and Andrew S. Cornish 
出版社: 香港大學出版社Hong Kong University Press
書城編號: 2118

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出版日期: 2000/07/01
頁數: 344
尺寸: 10x7.5 inches
ISBN-10: 9622094805
ISBN-13: 9789622094802

The rocky reefs and coral communities reefs of Hong Kong shelter a rich and beautiful fish fauna largely unknown to those who have never ventured underwater. This book documents the first comprehensive survey of reef fishes ever undertaken in Hong Kong. It includes descriptions and colour photographs of over 320 fish species, a third of which have never before been recorded here. The book will be of value to divers, fishermen, biologists and other professionals who wish, or need, to identify locally occurring fishes and to learn about their biology and distribution in the northern sector of the South China Sea.

Dr Sadovy gained her doctorate from the University of Manchester in the UK and has spent her professional career in the tropics and subtropics. After almost a decade in Puerto Rico, first at the University then as Director of the government’s Fishery Research Laboratory, she came to Hong Kong in 1993. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, researching and teaching fish biology, fisheries and fish conservation. She has produced over 50 publications and specializes on reproduction in reef fishes. Dr Cornish spent his undergraduate years at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. He has had a life-long interest in zoology which became focused on fishes after he completed a diving course in Honduras. He works on the ecology, biodiversity and conservation of reef fishes and has recently completed his doctorate at the University of Hong Kong on the fish assemblages inhabiting Hong Kong’s coral communities.



香港珊瑚魚圖鑑 Hong Kong Reef Fish Photo Guide


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