eBook: Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (DRM PDF)
電子書格式: DRM PDF
作者: Peter Ritchie 
製造商: Apress
分類: Microsoft programming , Software Engineering  
出版日期: 2016/11/21
ISBN-10: 1484223136
ISBN-13: 9781484223130
書城編號: 21358916
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Learn the details of the most highly recommended practices of software development using the latest version of Visual Studio 2015. Recommended practices are grouped by development phase and explained in far more detail than the typical tips and tricks compilations. This book also contains detailed coverage of recognized patterns and practices used to create software in a timely manner with expected quality in the context of using specific Visual Studio 2015 features.  Creating software is part defined process and part empirical process.  While there is no single "best" process to employ in all development scenarios, MVP author Peter Ritchie helps readers navigate the complexity of development options and decide which techniques and Visual Studio 2015 features to use based on the needs of their particular project. Readers will learn practices such as those related to working in teams, design and architecture, refactoring, source code control workflows, unit testing, performance testing, coding practices, use of common patterns, code analysis, IDE extensions, and more.What You Will LearnUse patterns and practices within Visual StudioImplement practices of software creationWork in teamsDevelop workflows for software projectsWho This Book Is ForBeginning and intermediate software developers and architects

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