eBook: 'Hoboken, the Land of Plenty' (DRM EPUB)
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作者: Robert Berry 
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出版日期: 2015/09/30
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ISBN: 9781514403105
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My father was an immigrant from Italy. He came to America and had a hard beginning. However, he was a proud man and would never take any kind of abuse, either verbal or physical from anyone. As an Italian, he was treated poorly on job places and usually quit the same day after attacking his supervisor. I was the only person in our Italian family who was intrigued by some of my father's stories, and it was therefore the reason why I began interviewing him as often as I could to gather information about his life. I told him that I wanted nothing but the truth, and he agreed that the information I would gather would be the absolute truth. My family was intrigued by how I put his story in an understandable chronology of events, and it was they who told me that I should put the information in book form. My friends who read my manuscript said that once they started to read the book, they couldn't put it down.

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