eBook: Maldon-A History (DRM EPUB)
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作者: Charles Phillips 
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出版日期: 2020/02/07
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ISBN: 9781728398259
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Maldon - A History is the story of Maldon, which is the second oldest town in Essex, from pre-historic times until the present day. It has information on Bronze and Iron Age Maldon, Roman Maldon , Anglo-Saxon Maldon including the Battle of Maldon, Medieval Maldon including the granting of the first charter of the borough in 1171 by King Henry 2, its monastic institutions, Maldon's port and its involvement in wars, Maldon at the time of the reformation, its involvement in the civil war, its Parliamentary representation, the town in the 18th and early centuries including the building of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, the dissolution and subsequent reinstatement of the town's charter, the Napoleonic Wars, the building of the two railways to the town in the 19th century and their closure in the 20th century, the rise of municipal institutions in the 19th and 20th centuries, Maldon's police force and abolition and subsuming into the Essex County Police force, industrial developments including its iron foundries and salt works, Maldon during the two world wars and the abolition of the borough in 1974. Also included is the parish of Heybridge which subsequently became a part of the borough as well as the hamlet of Beeleigh. It was researched using previously published works and contemporary documents.

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