eBook: In Other Words (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Mainspring Arts 
製造商: Unbound
分類: Anthologies (non-poetry) , Short stories  
書城編號: 21897288

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出版日期: 2021/06/24
ISBN-10: 1800180349
ISBN-13: 9781800180345
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A shift in the nature of light reveals an eighth colour in thevisible spectrum. A boy befriends the last tree in the natural world. A singlemother finds help at the darkest point of her life. A young man finds himselftrapped in a university overrun by crows.These stories and more form In Other Words, an anthology asdiverse as the writers themselves. Some cover trauma, societal issues andstigma; others offer fragments of hope and light. Some reach back in time whileothers transport us to another dimension altogether. There is heartbreak, wit,humour, poignancy and above all a mastery of the imagination.What these transcendent stories share is that they were createdby autistic writers, people often dismissed as unimaginative or incapable ofcreativity - a myth that has persisted for generations. This collection hopesto shatter those stereotypes, those misconceptions and misunderstandings, and theperception that one must be neurotypical to be afforded a voice in the arts.

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eBook: In Other Words (DRM EPUB)
In Other Words (Paperback)

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