eBook: Fairy Bell Sisters: Lily and the Fancy-dress Party (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Margaret McNamara 
分類: Picture books: character books ,
Picture storybooks ,
Poetry (Children's / Teenage) ,
General fiction (Children's / Teenage) ,
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage) ,
Traditional stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
People & places (Children's / Teenage) ,
Mysteries, the supernatural, monsters & mythological beings (Children’s/Teenage) ,
Interest age: from c 5 years  
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製造商: HarperCollins Publishers
出版日期: 2013/09/05
頁數: 160
ISBN: 9780007520718

Do you believe in fairies? Join Tinker Bell's sisters on a magical adventure.Inspired by Tinker Bell, from the book Peter Pan, by J. M. BarrieBefore Tinker Bell flew to Never Land and met Peter Pan she lived on Sheepskerry Island with her fairy sisters - Clara, Lily, Rosie, Silver and Squeak the baby. The young fairies go to fairy school and love tea parties, dressing up and exciting adventures.Lily's dressing-up dreams have come true - she's going to Queen Titania's annual fancy-dress competition. She's always dreamed of meeting the fashionable town fairies on the mainland, and now's her chance!But not everywhere is like Sheepskerry Island, and some fairies are less friendly than others. Without her Fairy Bell sisters to help her, Lily's adventure spells trouble. How can she turn a dressing-up disaster into a prize-winning success?Young readers will love the enchanting stories and beautiful illustrations in this charming new series.
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eBook: Fairy Bell Sisters: Lily and the Fancy-dress Party (DRM EPUB)

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