eBook: Vicarage Family (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Noel Streatfeild 
製造商: Penguin Random House Children's UK
系列: A Puffin Book
分類: Classic fiction (Children's / Teenage) ,
Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
Historical fiction (Children's / Teenage) ,
Interest age: from c 9 years  
書城編號: 22591350

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出版日期: 2016/07/07
頁數: 336
ISBN: 9780141369556
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A Vicarage Family is the first part in a fictionalized autobiography in which Noel Streatfeild tells the story of her own childhood, painting a poignant and vivid picture of daily life in an impoverished, genteel family in the years leading up to the First World War.In the story there are three little girls - Isobel, the eldest, is pretty, gentle and artistic; Louise the youngest, is sweet and talented - and then there is Vicky, 'the plain one', the awkward and rebellious child who doesn't fit in at school or at home. Growing up in a big family Vicky feels overlooked but gradually begins to realize that she might not be quite as untalented as she feels.The Vicky of this story is, of course, the much-loved Noel Streatfeild who went on to write so many wonderful family stories, the most famous being Ballet Shoes.
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