eBook: Rose of Blacksword (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Rexanne Becnel 
製造商: Open Road Media
書城編號: 22767188

原價: HK$104.00
現售: HK$98.8 節省: HK$5.2

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出版日期: 2021/08/31
頁數: 446
ISBN-10: 150406738X
ISBN-13: 9781504067386

A desperate lady engages in a unique contract to gain an escort home in this medieval romance by the USA Todaybestselling author of Thief of My Heart. It is a dangerous time for a woman to travel alone in England. That is why young Lady Rosalynde of Stanwood has an entourage of knights with her as she urgently returns home to her father. But when a gang of thugs attacks, she is forced to flee and search a nearby town for help. Although she finds a suitable escort, he is also an alleged criminal known as ';Blacksword.' The only way she can now ensure herself a safe journey home is to save the scoundrel by handfasting him... Temporary marriage or no, Sir Aric of Wycliffe has better things to do than accompany some nymph through the woods. He has pledged revenge against those who wronged him but has also given his heart to this woman with a sacred vow. When he discovers Rosalynde is her father's only heir, the thought of making their marriage permanent does cross his mind. But even a towering hulk of a man like Aric can be undone by the greatest conqueror of all: an irresistible, passionate love. ';This is a great story, well tolda page turner.... Lots of action, mystery and adventure with an exciting ending. I recommend it.' Regan Walker, author of the Agents of the Crown series

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