The Brees Way : The best of my hundreds of interviews with #9 complemented with perspective from those who know him best (Paperback)
作者: Mike Nabors 
出版社: Crttt Publishing
書城編號: 23653057

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出版日期: 2021/12
ISBN-10: 0578310686
ISBN-13: 9780578310688

An inside look at Drew Brees, New Orleans' game-changing quarterback.

Drew Brees' 15 year run in New Orleans is known for what he did for both a city and a franchise. He provided leadership in several ways―The Brees Way.

Author Mike Nabors delves into Drew's career in a unique fashion going behind the scenes to learn how he approached the game and ultimately left his legendary legacy.

Nabors interviewed Brees more than any media member in his Hall of Fame career. Together, they conducted nearly 300 one-on-one interviews following every game for 14 seasons which also included co-hosting several in-depth shows.

The best of those conversations are showcased in this book including topics such as:

  • The exact defining moment when Brees knew he would be a success with the Saints
  • Drew weighs in on where he ranks among the all-time greats including future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
  • Detailed accounts and never before told stories surrounding all of Drew's record-breaking nights in the Superdome
  • How Brees and Sean Payton are alike and how they are different
  • Away from football, Drew's thoughts on music, the movies, TV, and his relationships with teammates
  • A look into his future including why he wanted to become a broadcaster and what may be next down the road

The Brees Way looks at all facets of Drew's life on and off the field and is complemented by accounts from those who know him best. It includes:

  • Foreword by his mentor Doug Flutie. Flutie and Brees were teammates during Drew's rookie year in San Diego. Flutie contributes several stories which revealed the origins of Drew's success.
  • Former Saints All-Pro Roman Harper discusses the great weekly competition he and Drew had during the season which motivated them both each week.
  • Current Saints Assistant Coach and former offensive lineman Zach Strief spotlights Drew's competitive edge with great perspective including their legendary "ping pong" rivalry in the locker room.
  • Additional accounts from former teammates, Marques Colston, Lance Moore, and Scott Shanie, who deliver exclusive stories on the makeup of their former quarterback.

The Brees Way makes a great gift for any fan of #9. Order your copy today.

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