Wipe-Clean Halloween Activities (Paperback)
作者: Kirsteen Robson 
系列: Wipe-clean Activities
分類: Interactive & activity books & packs ,
書城編號: 24064379

原價: HK$84.00
現售: HK$79.8 節省: HK$4.2

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出版社: Usborne Publishing Ltd
出版日期: 2020/09/03
頁數: 24
尺寸: 214 x 277 x 23 mm
重量: 198 grams
ISBN: 9781474981187

Young children need plenty of practice in pen-control - an essential skill they must learn before starting to form letters and numbers. This fun book is full of Halloween-themed activities, encouraging children to join the dots, spot differences, solve mazes and trace the dotted lines with the special pen provided, then wipe clean and repeat.
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