Birmingham The SinisterSide (Hardcover)
作者: Steve Jones 
出版社: Mapseeker Digital Ltd
系列: Wicked Series
分類: True crime ,
British & Irish history  
書城編號: 24179844

售價: $280.00

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出版日期: 2021/05/21
頁數: 102
尺寸: 217 x 304 x 14 mm
重量: 714 grams
ISBN: 9781844918867

Experience the harsh lives and privations of our Victorian ancestors. Meet the criminal classes, the murderers, wife-beaters, prostitutes, petty-thieves, infamous Peaky Blinders - and maybe some of your ancestors - in an unsentimental journey back in time to "Birmingham ... the Sinister Side.
Wicked Series
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Birmingham The SinisterSide (Hardcover)

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