Jolly Phonics Handbook: In Print Letters (American English Edition) (Spiral)
作者: Sue Lloyd 
出版社: Jolly Learning Ltd
書城編號: 24721709

售價: $528.00

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出版日期: 2022/06/13
重量: 0.77 kg
ISBN: 9781844148448

The Jolly Phonics Handbook is a complete resource for teaching young children the skills they need to read and write fluently in their first year of school. This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers who want the flexibility of teaching the programme with worksheets and other photocopiable resources in the classroom. It offers step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the teaching across the year, as well as a wealth of practical ideas and fun activities for the children. It contains: - A year's worth of detailed daily lesson plans and notes to introduce the 42 letter sounds, with fun actions and stories. - Regular activities promoting the five key skills for reading and writing. - Weekly units covering key topics such as Alternatives, Handwriting, Tricky Words, Words and Sentences, Capital Letters and the Alphabet. - Guided writing and reading comprehension activities. - Detailed timetables outlining the scope and sequence of the programme alongside comprehensive teaching guidance. This new edition follows the same format and pagination as before, but has been enhanced with a modern design and updated illustrations, as well several new worksheets and additional new content, ensuring it fully aligns with other Jolly Phonics resources.

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