Feeling Kawaii: A First Book of Emotions (Hardcover)
作者: Insight Editions 
出版社: Insight Kids
書城編號: 24731907

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出版日期: 2023/08/01 (快將出版)
重量: 0.2 kg
ISBN: 9781647229023

It's Sloth's party and they will cry if they want to! Experience life's ups and downs and the full range of emotions of adorable animal friends in Friendly Faces: A First Book of Friendship and Feelings.

It's Sloth's birthday, but when ice cream gets dropped, balloons get popped, and meeting new friends makes them feel shy, these adorable baby don't always feel like celebrating. Sloth, Penguin, Akita, Red Panda, Dinosaur, and Unicorn mirror a toddler's expressive emotions, from sad to mad to silly, as they face their feelings with the friends in this simple and engaging board book.

Parents and guardians can help kids recognize simple emotions and developmental concepts in a fun and engaging way with Friendly Faces.

SOCIO-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Develop your child's ability to recognize emotions with this beautifully illustrated board book

STORYTIME: Foster a love of reading in your child with the simple text and a playful element guaranteed to have children asking to visit their new kawaii friends again and again

THE PERFECT GIFT: Be the hit of the birthday party or baby shower with this adorable book that kids and adults of all ages will love

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