TidalWave Comics Presents #3: Judo Girl and Medusa (Paperback)
作者: Michael Frizell 
出版社: Tidalwave Prod
書城編號: 24784764

售價: $60.00

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出版日期: 2022/08/31
重量: 0.06 kg
ISBN: 9781956841404


A new crossover series starring characters from the TidalWave Universe as well as others!

Sympathy for the Devil: Judo Girl contemplates her future in the aftermath of Judo Girl's battle against Ares: Goddess of War. Will she keep the Golden Fleece or succumb to its intoxicating power? As our time-lost heroine tries to find her place in the world, an ancient enemy rises. Medusa seeks the sword that holds her soul, and only the power of the Golden Fleece will help her obtain it. Welcome to the new TidalVerse!

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